Tue May 27 21:59:58 EDT 2014

Digging in the old box

Many ideas just come back.

- LM324 is a "horrible excuse for an opamp"
  Though TL074 needs a lot of headroom (1.5 to 3V both sides)

- Using MAX232 to generate analog +-12V
  Can deliver a couple of mA (short is 10mA).
  Very dirty power as well.
  Is there another way to get there?
  TODO: get a good +-12/15V power supply for analog

- Revive the 9V stomp box.  I've got a lot of enclosures still.

- The peak squashing circuit!

- PWM resistors

- The scroll grid circuit; might be interesting together with CV

- Modular system: fixed 1k output impedance, summing input amps.  It
  would be great to figure out how to allow for bi-directional current

- Stacking DAC, PWM and SD

- Exponential converter, though no sign of a relative one (that was a
  lucky shot).

- CD4049UBE current mirror / datong clipper.

- Gilbert cells

- R/DD (double diode) for reference + SD aimed at 50% of the mid range
  to avoid low frequencies.  that might actually work