Fri May 23 23:44:40 EDT 2014

Thermally coupled NPNs

Not to forget that a multi dac still this needs one NPN per channel,
best matched in temperature.  So probably also a multi-transistor
array.  Where to get those?  Something like a CA3081 array[2]?  Or
CA3046.  Some newer parts like DMC50601[3] or one of the NXP dual
transistors BC846, BC847[4].

Other: MPQ3906, MMPQ2907A, MMPQ3904[5] (4x - multi chip?).

One that stand's out is THAT300[6], mouser distributes[7].

Multi arrays are expensive or and duals are not very useful.  It might
be better to stick with standard components and find a way to couple
them in temperature.

What about using power transistors instead?  They can be hooked to a
heatsking much easier..  Cheapest NPN in TO-220?  TIP31C ($0.2).
They're not cheap either..  Probably best to find thermal glue[8].

EDIT: There's also the TI LM3046[9] which is a replacement of the
CA3046.  Together with some duals for current mirrors this is the
solution I'm looking for: one of the transistors can be used to
produce a DAC V_REF, with 4 remaining as EIDAC channels.

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