Sun May 11 14:37:25 EDT 2014


How much harder is it to do all the compensation in software?  The
only dependency is temperature.  If there's a way to measure
temperature, it might be a lot simpler.  Might need more bit depth

To compensate an oscillator should be straightforward.  As long as the
frequency changes, a continuous estimate / control can be made of the
offset and slope.

Any other control system is harder without influencing the behavior.
E.g. for a filter it's possible to track the self-resonance frequency,
but only if the circuit is made to oscillate.

The following strategy seems best:

- Thermally couple all transistors, otherwise each circuit needs to be
  calibrated directly.  That only works for an oscillator.

- Perform one-time calibration of all transistor offset parameters.

- Perform continous measurement on the oscillator(s) to determine T

- Given T from the oscillator calibration, calibrate other parameters.