Sun May 11 10:46:49 EDT 2014

EIDAC calibration

Quite a mile stone that EIDAC.  Circuit needs some polish.  Mostly
error analysis and compensation.  I worry about the input offset
current for the uA set point as it gets within 5% of the offset
current.  It would be good to find out if the bias can be done
differently, i.e. the range set to one decade/octave and then just
scaled with an opamp?

Tempco stuff can maybe be done by putting all transistors on a single
package like MMPQ2222A[1].  So what about offset?  Transistor mismatch
results in a constant V_BE offset.  Is that still temperature

[1] http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/MMPQ2222A/MMPQ2222ACT-ND/458989