Fri Oct 5 14:35:56 EDT 2012

Follow the Joy

Time to make noise!  Next step: MIDI.  Probably best split into 2
parts: a USB->something hub and a something->sound collection of

The something should probably just be standard 38kHz serial MIDI, with
debugger in ICD ports.

Since I have plenty of MIDI outputs, let's just use that for now.  Can
even do in non-standard (no opto coupler receiver).

Since I have this string tendency to go depth-first, it might be good
to create a collection of non-essential elements.

- Midi parser on sheepsint/grunt.

- USB -> Serial/MIDI converter PIC18F2550/4550
- Isolated MIDI input circuits (optocouplers).
- Output isolation: power supply filtering, i.e. inverters?