Mon Jan 17 11:23:17 EST 2011

Chopper techniques (Envelope?)

Coming back to the Envelope generator problem.  I one of the
approaches I proposed, it is necessary to compensate for low offset
voltage.  The main idea is that you want a VCA controlling current to
decay to zero very accurately instead of an offset voltage.

EDIT (Wed Sep 28 15:14:15 EDT 2011): The main idea behind going
through the trouble of making analog synth circuits is to get the
those cool sounding nonlinearities for free, without any digital,
unnatural sounding aliasing artifacts.  A chopper is a sampled system,
so might alias.  However, when it's used in a linear part of the
circuit it shouldn't matter.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chopper_%28electronics%29