Fri Jan 14 21:59:55 EST 2011

Home made PCBs

I've been looking around for options to home-make some PCBs.  Building
perfboard circuits is too labour-intensive, and prototyping services
are too expensive if a reasonable lead time is expected.  BatchPCB[1]
is 3 weeks, though they seem to be a nice inbetween in case production
is considered, i.e. through Gold Phoenix[2].

However, for my current needs I want fast turn-around with not too
much effort.  I recently ran into a page about DIY PCB etching using
laser printer toner as a resist (etch stop)[3].  Glossy photo paper is
used to print the (mirrored), and a hot iron is used to transfer the
plastic based toner to the iron clad PCB.  Here's another one that
recycles magazines instead[4].  Also possible with inkjet and pigment
ink[7].  Some commercial paper solution[9].

Another hint: use very thin PCB, so they can be cut with a paper

This[5] is an interesting thread about other ways, like using a cricut
cutter and aluminum foil.

Homemade conductive ink[6].  Commercial conductive ink[8].
Conductive copper tape [10].

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[2] http://www.goldphoenixpcb.biz
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