Thu Jan 13 19:17:49 EST 2011

Non-oscillator feedback

( For reference.  I'm rambling, I don't think this is an issue. )

Problem I have with other antilog control currents compared to
oscillators is that there is no direct way to measure the circuit

I had this idea of adding an oscillator cap to each controller, so it
can be switched between osc and its normal function.  I.e. driving a
differential pair, the diff pair's inputs could be pulled to zero,
reverse biasing the BJTs and so isolating the differential pair.

However, this might not be necessary.  There is probably plenty of
opportunity to measure the output of the circuit.

Envelopes times can be measured just fine as long as you measure at
say 1/2 amplitude.

Filter should be fine too if put into self-osc mode, and with full
digital control that's always possible.  However, the output would be
less predictable though.