Mon Jan 3 19:57:20 EST 2011

Simple headphone guitar amp

Since I have plenty of low voltage rail-to-rail MAX4167 dual / MAX494
quad amps that work off of +- 1.2V it might be interesting to build a
headphone amp, as it's quite trivial: 1 non-inverting opamp has both
high input impedance and low output impedance.  The only thing to find
out is how much gain it should have.  Probably not too much.

The unity gain box I have already gives a reasonable amount of signal
on the Sennheiser HD457 headphones.  Seems that 10x should be plenty.

I might even have separate drive and level pots.  Nah let's keep it
simple.  If it buffers properly then it's easy to add external

What about 1M input pot and a 10x fixed gain?