Fri Dec 31 13:01:35 EST 2010

Staple FETs

Going from what I find online and checking with Futurlec pricing.
Seems these should work:

- nMOSFET 2N7002 (7c) or 2M7000 (10c)
- nJFET   2N5485 (10c)

The 2N5484 (80c) / 2N5485 (90c) nJFET are a lot more expensive.
What's their main advantage?  Datasheet says high speed switching /
RF.  Why would that be necessary for audio?

Then power FETs.  Goal is to get to +- 300W switching apps (1/2 hp).
Maybe it's simpler to buy an inverter and modify it, or take apart
some PC power supplies.

Price range on Tayda for VA +- 100W is about $0.5 - $2.  Parameters of
interest for switching are mostly max voltage and max current.  There
are different ratios trading max current for max voltage.  Not for