Mon Dec 13 18:59:00 EST 2010


Another design for a DI box, based on a low-voltage rail-to-rail MAXIM
opamp MAX4167[1].  They do require +- 1.35V.  Would they work from +-
1.2V?  I'd like to run off of 2 AAA rechargables.

Using 2 cells I can have a symmetrical supply.  This significantly
simplifies the circuit to the point of triviality, as no coupling caps
are necessary.

I used a small perfboard with a plastic socket.  One of the channels
works, the other one doesn't.  All connections seem to check out fine,
socket is fine too.  Something's wrong that I don't see.  EDIT: was
just a bad solder joint.

[1] http://www.maxim-ic.com/datasheet/index.mvp/id/1696
[2] md5://9558c480d31b252f521903d7bfc67275