Mon Dec 6 20:38:33 EST 2010

Picking a staple OpAmp (TL072/TL074)

EDIT: I'm picking TL072/TL074 for audio, which is old and definitely
not best, but it's cheap and probably good enough.  For other apps the
cheapest LM358N/LM324N will do.

Next to transistor selection, there is opamp selection.  What I have
in the box is this:

- 6 x MAX494  $3.96 @1k quad, precision, low power, rail-to-rail, single supply +2.7V to +6V
- 5 x MAX4167 $1.29 @1k dual, ..., high output drive

These are Maxim samples, only useful for 5V operation, not the
stomp-box 9V plan.

Maybe I pick something simpler like 

- 2 x LM324N, quad, single/double 3V-32V             (F: $0.25 0.22)
- 3 x LM358N, dual, low power, single/double 3V-32V  (F: $0.25 0.20)
- 2 x TL072CN, dual, low noise, jfet, 36V            (F: $0.25 0.22)

- LM339N, comparator, $0.33 @ 1k 

From what I read[1] it seems that for cheap opamps, the LM358 isn't so
good because it hass class-B output.  The TL072CN is old and there are
better opamps, but it's cheap and probably good enough for audio, so
that's what I'm going to order.

So conclusion:

Audio: TL072/TL074  md5://e80e5dbb8b58ec9baced943a50902bca

Non-audio low power: 
 LM324N md5://26b5a7ca8fc97ad7258224f28fee102d
 LM358N md5://0903faac7d3137d58d30d6549adb0d17

[1] http://delicious.com/doelie/opamps