Fri Dec 3 22:59:35 EST 2010

Modding the Behringer OD300

( A Boss DS-2 clone. )

Playing with it a bit it seems that:

 - I need to build a DI with variable loading.  The guitar is much
   less noisy when loaded with 10kOhm and I wonder if this is just due
   to the high-freq rolloff, or if there are other effects.. It seems
   to reduce hum.

 - It doesn't sound too bad straight into the UB1202 mixer.  Capture
   this in a separate circuit.

 - For playing with the OD300 the full brightness is necessary, so no
   splitting off the signal and loading it on the mixer inputs.

 - The OD300 is alright.  But it needs extra brightness.  I have tone
   all the way up, and hi all the way up on the mixer.

So, interesting mods:

 - Add a clean out after the OD300's input buffer.

 - More treble.

It would be interesting to find out if the OD300 is really the Boss
OD-2.  I guess I could trace the circuit but I'm a bit lazy.  From the
DS-2 schematic it seems to be the "starved, discrete differential amp"