Tue Feb 19 16:33:00 CET 2008

move to plt v4

EDIT: just changing plt-web-server-text to plt-web-server in the
sweb/start script did the trick. i don't know what ghosts i saw last
week that made it fail..

some things changed in the implementation of the webserver: the old
sweb version doesn't work any more. a good occasion to fix some

what i'd like to have is a repl attached to the server to inspect data
structures while it's running.

but first, start with a working server that's started entirely from a
script. there's /start.ss as a first attempt.

 (enter! "start.ss")

loads the start module when in a repl. the first questions: 

  * how to create a servlet dispatcher?
  * what to do with the config dir? i.e. the ordinary file server?

i'm reading a bit on the history of PLT scheme, and it looks like it's
probably best i switch to learning mode. get it to know a bit better..

after briefly reading about delimited continuations and mixins, i do
wonder how to use them to implement the current graph-based web-app
structure a bit better. continuations OR objects, or continuations AND

time to get practical though.. not ready for theory atm.

the procedure -> dispatch lifter

looks like that's what i need if i don't want servlets.