Thu Aug 25 10:54:56 EDT 2016

Identity crisis

Another round of "while obviously this is fun to work with, does it
have any real practical value?".

And the answer is mainly: simplicity.

What does that really mean in the face of designing distributed

After building a real-life application structured as linux/erlang +
custom ARM nodes, it is clear that the real problem is how to evolve a
design, and how to properly test it.

Evolving: make it easy to upgrade code, possibly without taking down
the whole thing.

Test: it seems almost impossible to avoid an object-oriented
distributed state style because of physical constraints.  All that
functional programming mumbo-jumbo is nice on a small scale, but
regarding a full network it's really not applicable.

To try this out, I started building a distributed Erlang system.  Next
is to add some sensor/actuator nodes to that using Staapl or some
other low-level state machine OS.