Tue Aug 16 00:04:06 EDT 2016

Protocol adapter

While it's possible to run racket to access raw Staapl code, it might
also make sense to generate a simple C adapter file that would connect
to the serial console and send commands.

This would keep everything bundled at compile time.

The adaptation would be:

npush:  00 <size> 01 <nb_bytes> .. .. ..
npop:   00 <size> 02 <nb_bytes>
jsr:    00 <size> 03 <lo> <hi>

To get the address:

(require "4-relay-module.fm")
(require staapl/target/rep)
(target-word-address target/relay!)

(require staapl/ns)
(ns (target) relay!)

Generation of this needs a list of commands that are supported.

In first iteration it could be just a Forth, but it might make sense
to turn this into a fixed prefix protocol.