Wed Jul 23 18:14:32 EDT 2014

Some things to fix

- Allow for asynchronous console output, i.e. while running the
  interpreter in poll mode.  This would be handy for debugging
  background tasks.  I can see this getting messy though when bolted
  on top of the current approach.  It already conflicts with console
  serial device being closed at the host's end to allow for more
  graceful reboots.

- Do we need a console configuration?  It might be useful to allow
  things like open sound control.

- I'm looking for an excuse to build a DTF forth.  Maybe that's what I
  should do really - open up that gate as well.  Let's build that in
  the sim.

- I'd like to keep the different example kernel configurations
  maintainable and accessible.  Make a little board containing all?

- But probably best to stop procrastinating and continue on the synth
  envelopes and parameter mappings.