Sat Jul 5 17:57:59 EDT 2014

route problems

So code is growing, and I ran into this route assembly:

	0A8A 1514 F000 EC38 [jsr 0 _route]
.L768:	0A8C 1518 F005 EFE4 [jsr 1 _p0]
	0A8E 151C F005 EFEE [jsr 1 _p1]
	0A90 1520 F005 EFF8 [jsr 1 _p2]
	0A92 1524 D7DE [jsr 1 ~_synth]
	0A93 1526 D7DC [jsr 1 _drop]

So those 2-word jumps obviously don't work as expected.  Maybe it's
good to create a new routing table that uses plain addresses, or at
least a stub or so to warn about route size.