Fri Jul 4 21:19:08 EDT 2014

Stack of notes

- push front
- remove middle
- read sequence

Remove middle could be implement with a jump into a "bucket brigade"

0 <- 1
1 <- 2
2 <- 3

The brigade can be implemented with a movff instruction.

: notes-pop \ index --
    1 nb-notes -!
    3 min << \ each slot contains a movff instruction of 2 words wide
        n1 n0 @!
        n2 n1 @!
        n3 n2 @! ;
Yeah that's very cute and also very fast but let's do it using the a reg.

So it seems to mostly work but does get stuck.
Ok had a weird bug in there.
But by now it's gotten to quirky and still gets stuck when pressing a lot of keys for a while.

Moving the map from #x300 to #x200 seems to fix it.