Wed Jul 2 16:10:40 EDT 2014

MIDI cont

Two avenues:
- look into kernel driver and see what it expects
- sniff for errors

I believe a STALL is necessary for MIDI interface requests that are
not implemented.

I don't see anything obviously wrong on the USB trace.  Looks like a
descriptor problem.  Have to look into the kernel.

So setup a kernel in a VM.  using a copy of another wheezy machine.

After fixing some racket related problems:
qemu: could not add USB device '05f9:fff0'

Correct syntax: qemu ... -usb -usbdevice host:05f9:fff0

Doesn't come up properly.  Might be bugs in the USB firmware -
e.g. not surviving reset.  So I need a real machine.  Let's set up the
netboot then..