Sat Dec 21 14:57:07 EST 2013

USB board

So with the Olimex board I still get crashes.  Time to stop blaming it
on the hardware, I guess :)

I'm left with the same problem: the USB is hard to debug.  Two
possible avenues:

- look at what's happening on the wire
- set up dev board with serial console

I've lost a lot of time trying to make something "elegant",
i.e. running the debug console over USB or PK2.  Conclusion is that it
doesn't really work very well..  If you can't trust your core I/O
there's no way to reliably run tests for both the PK2 interface and
the USB.

Changed CONFIG2L from 3A -> 3F

It reset a couple of times but now seems to be stable.

Nope.  Stable for a bit then issues again.
khubd blocks..

Maybe it's time to upgrade Linux..
This is still 3.2

I don't know what this is really..  The device keeps causing a wealth
of error messages from the kernel.

Maybe it's just time to give up on this USB business.

Or, keep using this as a tough problem to learn a bit.  What I need:
- A custom Linux kernel for USB debugging
- A separate (real) PC that can be restarted easily