Mon Nov 11 19:24:54 EST 2013

Presentation: what's the point?

I need to learn to give better presentations.  Melissa's advice:
- what do I want to convey to this particular public
- acknowledge that the totality cannot be conveyed
- limit to 3 key points

Key points:

- Macro Assembler

Bottom line = PIC18 assembler expressed as RPN macro language.

- Language towers

Build new languages by building macros on top of macros.  Bottom-up
abstractions.  Build a language for your problem.  A key element of
Racket is the module system for macro composition.

(Paper: "Composable and Compilable Macros"  Matthew Flatt)

- Partial evaluation

Makes stacked languages practical by removing some inefficiencies
inherent to expansion-only macro approaches.  This blurs the line
between macros and functions.

For a Forth-style stack language this is especially simple to express.