Sat Sep 7 22:12:36 EDT 2013

Test driven development : chunking

Send data from Flash, chunking data in 64-byte parts.

This is the kind of code that is ugly to do in Staapl: requires
address computation and global variables storage.  An object
abstraction would be nice here..

Similar to the >IN OUT> code..  Ugly..

The thing here is premature optimization (PIC indirect memory access
is very expensive) and a lack of object system.

Classical forth solves this using "current object" words.

Maybe it is time to stop worrying about performance.  The problem I'm
solving here is not speed bound at all.  Maybe it is better to revive
the DTC forth first..

The thing is that Staapl as it stands really isn't a nice language to
do datastructure-intensive tasks.