Fri Sep 6 00:59:00 EDT 2013


Where to go next?  There have been a lot of entries like this.  Right
now, I don't know.  Time to make something useful?

The elephant in the room is that after almost a decade of doodling, it
makes more sense to use a recent ARM Cortex core for the kind of work
a PIC would have done.  The advantage of the PIC cores is that they
are simpler.  But really, writing in 8 bit is a pain for real work.

So I guess Staapl is now officially an art project :)

Maybe it's time to work out the 16-bit Forth ideas, and write a
standard console Forth.  Staapl should probably remain a macro

Every time I pick this up, I see the beauty in it.  Every time I write
some real software I wonder if the level of control is just a little
too much.  Maybe some coding standards should work?  One of the things
that always comes back is the constants, and the pain of 8 bit.

Maybe it is possible to define the 16bit forth in a separate module,
with a mechanism to call into 8 bit code?

Maybe it's time to make a list of all the quirks:

- Limited jump size?
- Conditionals are weird
- 8 bit only