Tue Sep 3 00:10:27 EDT 2013

New board

\ PIC DIP40 MINI KIT - PIC Developmen‚Äčt Board kit for DIP40 PIC with 18F4550 + 4Mhz XTAL
\ http://100mhz.com/pic-dspic-pic32-pic24/development-boards/pic-18f4550-usb-demo-development-board-pic18f4550-microcontroller-1074.html

Support in dip40kit.fm

Doesn't seem to work reliably on 5V.
3.3V seems fine.

No, something else is going on: touching some of the PORTB pins resets
the controller.  IOC?

Again: tried at 5V with pins not touching anything and it resets.  On
3.3V it seems fine.