Sat Aug 31 11:18:48 EDT 2013

Kernel or not?

Trouble with kernels is that they need an ABI.  Is that really worth
it?  I'd like Staapl to follow an early binding approach..

Maybe that's the trick: abstract the early/late binding in a vector

\ Kernel Hooks

\ One of the core ideas of Moore-style Forth is early binding:
\ "Don't set a flag, set the data."  (apparently a Dykstra quote..)

\ However, it makes sense to use some form of indirection when using
\ an interactive console during development.  E.g. the kernel would
\ serve USB interrupts, but would delegate some requests to the
\ application.

\ Is it worth going to separate compilation for kernel and
\ application?  This requires some form of ABI, which is yet another
\ thing to maintain or standardize.