Sat Aug 17 11:13:26 EDT 2013

TODO: finish USB

Played with USB for work last couple of months, on the AT91SAM7S
platform, writing firmware for the osmocom SIMtrace.

Found out that my main PC has USB problems.  This took a a long time
to sink in - 2 years of random errors.  It started to become obvious
once I ran into hard locks, i.e. "blocked for 120 seconds" errors.
Switched PC and all is well.

This could mean that previous problems I had with PIC usb firmware are
also related to that.  Whenever there is a protocol error on USB,
weird behaviour would pop up.  Same kind of problem.  So let's try

Another thing: now that I have an idea of AT91SAM7 USB and at91lib C
code, there is little commercial reason for using Staapl / PIC.  Or is
there?  What's the cheapest PIC USB controller these days?