Sun Jun 2 15:40:10 EDT 2013


I can't help but thinking about that nice DIP 16bitter.  Especially
with RAI coming to a point of usability, it would be great to try a
multi-paradigm approach with firmware written in Forth and a dataflow
datapath running in the background.

IIRC, the main problem for getting the dsPIC to work is the assembler.
While the peephole optimizer should be good enough for supporting a
different syntax, the current ASM syntax in Staapl is too simple.

It might be good to rewrite it from scratch.  How hard can it be?
This time, I could do it right from the start.


The trouble is addressing modes.  Essentially, addressing modes are
hidden computations, and when mapping them to some functional
representation, would require nested expressions.

(let ((a (+ (@ x ++))))