Tue Jul 31 17:23:08 EDT 2012

Cheapest PIC18F

For an electronics project I want the cheapest possible 18F chip that
can be used with Staapl.  I'm thinking to go for a 2-chip solution:
one programmer/hub with USB and and one or more slave chips.

At volume pricing, the 18F13K22 is current the cheapest at $1.16 [1]
PDIP low volume is $2.30

The 18F1220 volume is $1.96 with low volume PDIP at $2.44

So for low volume it doesn't make much difference, though the 13K22
is faster (16Mhz intosc up to 16 MIPS / 64MHz).

[1] http://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/Devices.aspx?dDocName=en538201