Sun Jun 10 15:53:04 EDT 2012

USB get descriptor + set addres OK

However, the irony is that the debugging I have now slows it down too
much.  So what now?  Time for the auto-compressed log message generator!

Anyways.. it should probably work OK as long as there is only a single
PK2 pinpong going on.  How many are there now?

It's a couple:
- quoted symbol to print
- pb
- ts
- stack@
- a!
- dump

Probably it's best to make a do-it-all log command that dumps out
address, symbol and datastack.  Is there a simple way to do address ->
symbol translation?

Maybe it's best to just use trace actually..  EDIT: nope, also too
much.  I got the USB hardware wire trace so that's probably enough for