Tue Jun 5 13:33:05 EDT 2012


With target->host RPC working, there is really no need for a lot of
"push" commands implemented on target.

I.e. can the 3 dumps + trace be eliminated?  There's only one detail:
those commands support streaming of data, which might be handy.  Let's
just put all 3 versions of dump in one command, or maybe better, dump
to host stack byte list?

What about keeping the scat stack that's used in (target) language
active?  This way target could do: dump packet + exec command.

Hmmm.. that doesn't work due to recursive evaluation: this would
require the stack to be threaded through this recursion.  I think this
is too big a change, so let's keep stack local and use an explicit rpc

EDIT: Flash and RAM dump are not necessary on target.  They can be
implemented on the host.