Tue Jun 5 10:32:53 EDT 2012

Host commands accessible on target

Maybe it's time to make a little diagram of all the different name
spaces and prefix parser tricks..  It's getting quite complicated.

1. Allow for "` <cmd> cmd" syntax.
2. Fix delegation loop


This is scat running on host with some words to interact with the
target machine, i.e. >t t> texex/b.  For convenience, it has late
binding for all symbols, with automatic lifting of Scheme words it
finds in the name space.  Note that scat is early bound.


This is the interpreter for the command line dialect of the target
language.  It consists of 2 layers:

* prefix macros that translate to live: code.  (See commands.ss)
* name space delegation to target, then (live) (See rpn-target.ss)