Sun Jun 3 11:30:25 EDT 2012


So problem is pierced.  What next?  Probably should focus on proper
logging facility, i.e. fixing/simplifying the interpreter.

It's not necessary to store strings on the device.  Simply defining
"error conditions with arguments" should be enough.  They can be part
of the host system.

Goal remains the same: absolute minimum use of resources on target.
The point is not to make a stand-alone forth, so offload all debug if

It seems simplest to do this using a proper RPC mechanism.  Define a
way to call host words from target, where the empty reply is "return"
as it was before.  Trouble is that once this is introduced in target,
it creates a coupling between host and app, i.e. app can no longer run

So there needs to be a way to turn this off.