Wed May 30 09:53:30 EDT 2012

Fixing serial

I need to do someting else to get me going this morning.  Let's try to
fix the board + serial.  I noticed a stupid soldering error last week.

EDIT: Looks like this is a bit broken..  That sucks as this
pre-interpreter stuff is hard to debug.

First problem: TX wasn't connected.  Old 18F452 board has a serial
daisy chain that needs to be jumpered for single connection.

Second problem: running the code below gives me 9600 baud (9803 as
measured by OLS).  Weird.. would assume when it's off that it's way
off, not 2% of something that seems standard.

: serial-test
    230400 40 init-serial
    0 begin dup async.>tx 1 + again

Got it.  Problem was that this probably never worked after the
interpreter changed to the new "handshake" interface necessary for