Sat May 19 13:50:53 EDT 2012

ASM USB example code

It does some things to the BD0O registers I don't really understand..
Let's analyse ProcessSetupToken() / SendDescriptorPacket()

 - Copy the 8 byte setup packet to a separate buffer.
 - Reset both BD0I and BD0O
 - Reset PKTDIS
 - .... fill buffer IN0
 - Toggle+transfer DB0I

The strange thing is that I get a reset, get_dev_descr, reset, set
addr.  So one would think that the 80 06 did work..

80 06 00 01 FF R
00 05 12 FF 
00 05 12 FF 
00 05 12 FF 

Man I'm so confused..  What I need is some documentation that explains
all this as a trace: what exactly happens on the wire for an entire
enumeration process?

What I'd like to see is a successful device descriptor transaction.
I'm thinking that maybe the data phase is not correct.  Focus on this:
what is the DATAx for a reply to a SETUP packet with a device request?

[1] http://pe.ece.olin.edu/ece/projects.html