Sun Nov 6 10:59:39 EST 2011

Synth: chaotic oscillator

I thought I had some kind of fake[1] chaotic oscillator running.. How
did it work?   Looks like I lost some code somewhere..

Let's see if I can reconstruct with current design.

This needs 3 features:
- main periodic oscillator
- a "resonance" which is the timeout from start -> end
- a random pulse that triggers the reso

This seems to conflict with the reso mixer as the nose osc is OSC1 and
not OSC0:

  OSC0 xor (OSC1 and OSC2)

this fixes OSC1 and OSC2 to be gate and reso, and OSC0 to be chaos.
Maybe the mixer should be changed to support this again?

It would also be good to dig up the old code since there have been
quite some archive changes over the years..

[1] entry://20071117-022751