Thu Oct 6 15:46:08 EDT 2011

PORTB / ICSP comm?

Is this the culprit?

: init-out
    TRISB 2 low
    TRISB 3 low ;

Nope.  ICSP pins are RB7-RB5

It seems to really be the interrupts.  Whenever I switch on one of the
timer interrupts the comm gets messed up.  It probably misses pulses.

I seem to recall that the ICSP hardware's pulse size can't be changed,
but I beleive it does keep the data stable after the pulse.  Is there
a way to let the hardware detect the pulse?


There is the interrupt on change mechanism.

The question is whether it is worth to spend time to do this.  Let's
just briefly look at the IOC mechanism.