Thu Apr 7 14:37:19 EDT 2011


Now ts doesn't work any more.

All commands that receive data from the host do not work any more
after removing the icsp-ack call from pk2-in.

Problem was that "emit" and "reply" are not the same thing.  "emit"
needs a separate ack to keep the request-response cadence going.

Last problem seems to be the "kb" word.
This was also still calling emit. Fixed.
It's a lot faster now that the sync issues are resolved.
Fast is good!

Tss... now I get this:
racket pk2-picstamp.dict
Connecting to PICkit2.
datfile:  /usr/local/bin/PK2DeviceFile.dat
iProduct: PICkit 2 Microcontroller Programmer
command-made-roundtrip: 0 ()

I think I found it: when the target has just set the ack bit and we
miss it because we clock out the next..

Something fishy going on with the handshake.  At times I see a third
clock pulse.