Sun Mar 27 11:12:55 EDT 2011

Protocol changes

Making the USB polling work made me thing of a missing feature in the
current monitor code: it's not possible to read/write the terminal
from the target side.

This isn't so hard to do.  It just requires some coroutine-style
symmetric communication.  Maybe it's best to implement that first, and
only then move on to the polled PK2 channel.

Before doing anything, I have both monitor .ss files and .f files.
What's up here?  I don't think the .ss ones actually work, as I don't
see them included in any projects.

The change can be minimal.  Only the jsr command executes arbitrary
code.  The host side that waits for ack there needs to implement the
coroutine mechanism.

Man, I've been out of it for a while.  This is already working!  The
`console-log' function handles the receive message.  Currently the
only thing it does is printing messages to the console, but this could
be extended into a coroutine call.

The problem with the current one is how to express "continue" to the
target.  It seems best to fully implement continuations as any other
approach is going to be an ad-hoc hack from if-then-else hell that
wants to be a full continuation implementation.

Let's leave this for later.  The current implementation at least
allows for some form of ping-pong.