Thu Mar 17 21:24:21 EDT 2011

Code structure

So.. looks like I'm being forced into cleaning up some other code
layers too.  First, a summary of recent fixes:

 1. Names and units: this seems to be mostly solved, apart from some
    cosmetics that have to do with bundling signatures, and pushing
    this style to all the library code.

 2. Allow s-expression-only definition of target code modules.  Seems
    conceptually ok, but because of missing library code from point
    1. this doesn't work yet.

 3. Salvage the forth prefix parser.  I wasn't going to do this but it
    seems it's at least relatively straightforward to mix units and
    macros, if a bit clumsy.


 4. Make the run-time target code generation layers more transparent
    and as much as possible implemented with proper identifier