Thu Mar 17 21:04:48 EDT 2011

Assembler broken?

mzscheme -p zwizwa/staapl/staaplc -- -c /dev/ttyUPS picstamp.fm
patterns: Mismatch at: (((list-rest (list (? (ns (op ?) qw)) b) (list (? (ns (op ?) qw)) a) rest) (macro/append-reverse (begin (list (op: qw (tv: a b /)))) rest)))
make: *** [picstamp.dict] Error 1

That makes no sense.
What is the question mark about?

The error is raised in:

How to add an original source location to the message?

Ok, I was able to trace it to the macro `/' and its' definition
in pic18-macro-unit.ss:

 (([qw a ] [qw b] word)         ([qw (tv: a b word)])))

So what happens is clear: the `/' macro is invoked without constants
on the compilations stack.  Why is that?  Can we also get at the call
site of the macro?

Looks like I need to get at the backtrace, or define what a backtrace
means for a staapl compiler.