Tue Mar 15 13:34:43 EDT 2011


Bottom line: there are many things to fix.  Mostly the forth parser
and the compiler are too "stateful" and might need a change, or at
least some thought on why things are as they are.

So it looks like I need to focus more if I want to work on real-life
projects instead of full-time tinkering on Staapl.

I'm also not in a terrific physical shape so maybe this is not a good
time to do the creative magic required to overhaul the core.  One step
at a time.

Currently, there are two goals that are somewhat intertwined if they
need to be done right: get the bare-bones app to work using
s-expressions, and cleanup the Forth macro interface on top of units.


  * allow `words' and `words-flat' to support raw addresses instead of
    labels.  This might need a change in the word-wrap code.

  * figure out how to extend signature syntax so it's possible to move
    code between signatures and plain modules.

The latter seems most isolated so let's start there.