Sat Mar 12 12:32:46 EST 2011

Hmm.. still getting weird unknown signature errors

It's too complex.  It looks like there are some things I don't
understand about units, because I keep running into compiler errors I
do not understand + they don't seem to be stable either.  Sometimes
code compiles fine, then it does not..  Probably depending on
compiled/* code caches..

It looks like there is only one way to do this right as I don't really
know what I'm doing: use units for everything and perform the linking
step explicitly in a top-level module.  Once that works, try to
abstract the linkin step into a macro or something.

Basic problem: non-hygienic macros don't compose very well.  If at all
possible, stick to all hygienic.

The main offender here is the forth macros.  I can't possibly put all
of those in a signature (can I?).

However, if I can, the composition problem would be solved completely..