Sat Mar 12 09:04:30 EST 2011

Introducing names

I find myself mindlessly shuffling things to make the symol
introduction work for a macro based on define-values/invoke-unit.

The idea is that I want a single form that links a user-specified unit
into the whole of the pic18 compiler, and exports alll the signature

This _requires_ some non-hygienic functionality, so it is up to the
writer of the macro to ensure that it actually makes sense.  In my
case, it's providing the proper `require' statements.  The error I
made was to use relative paths.

The trick seems to be to find out where `define-values/invoke-unit'
decides where to put the identifiers.  The manual[1] says it is
introduced in the context of the `define-values/invoke-unit' form.

[1] http://download.plt-scheme.org/doc/html/reference/invokingunits.html