Thu Feb 24 21:06:32 EST 2011

PIC18 debug tools

If you want to use the Microchip tools on Windows it's all good of
course.  Not if you want to get creative..  No specs for PIC18 debug
mode, and the only programmable programmer (PicKit2) is probably being
discontinued soon.

Working console-only is doable, giving up on debug features.  However
one annoying point is lack of access to reset.

A nice project would be to write alternative firmware for the PK2.  It
has the right connection, and is readily available for $30 as a
clone[3].  The only real hurdle seems to be USB, but that's something
I need to figure out anyway some time..

Let's summarize:

  * Get USB to work, using USBPicStamp or PK2
  * Make console run over ICD2 port (build a serial -> ICD adapter)
  * Get programming specs
  * Get debug specs

Some reverse engineered debug info should arrive here[1] soon.  The
PK2 schematic is here[2].  Prog spec is available from the microchip
part website, i.e. for 18F1xK50[4].

[1] http://jaromir.xf.cz/hdeb/hdeb.html
[2] http://www.modtronix.com/products/prog/pickit2/pickit2%20datasheet.pdf
[3] http://www.sure-electronics.net/mcu,display/DB-DP004_1_b.jpg
[4] http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/41342E.pdf