Sun Feb 21 12:13:32 CET 2010

Offloading high-level components to OCaml/Haskell

I've been playing with Haskell and (Meta)OCaml a bit lately[1].
Current conclusions are that indeed they seem to be better suited for
building program transformers.  Types come in handy when things get
too complex.

This suggests that for Staapl it might also be useful to finally move
to Typed Scheme.  However, this will probably be postponed a bit until
I'm more comfortable with Haskell & OCaml.

One thing though: for commercial applications I really see the typed
languages as more promising, especially when code modifications are
required.  Somehow it seems that when the right abstractions are in
place, the typed languages are more friendly to the beginner.  Finding
the abstractions in accordance with the available type magic can be
hard though; type waters go deep.

[1] entry://../meta