Mon Feb 8 14:18:57 CET 2010


After a long time off the project, I'm thinking about the following

  * Make sure the low-level part is standard.

Staapl is essentially a macro-assembler based on PLT Scheme language
towers.  However, it does not have a proper interface for interacting
with external assemblers and binary tools (i.e. binutils).

Currently the PIC18 assembler is an essential part of the system.
This should be separated.  I still think it's a neat idea to take the
assembler into the workflow, but most of the work should be off-loaded
to external tools, as writing an assembler in itself isn't very
productive.  For this, the assembler expression language in Staapl
needs to become simpler (atm. it's scheme).

  * Offload high-level components to Ocaml/Haskell.

See libprim[1] and meta[2] projects.

[1] entry://../libprim
[2] entry://../meta