Fri Jan 15 08:34:32 CET 2010

Haskell on hardware

Read this [1][2].

Is there an alternative?  I.e. can the operating system be eliminated
such that Haskell runs straight on hardware, and the hardware's
physical model is somehow represented without resorting to sequential
programming tricks like the IO monad?

It seems there is an opportunity to try this out in Staapl.  As the
concept of application / program / physical interaction all somewhat
blur on a bare metal microcontroller as there is little historical
baggage to carry around (i.e. operating system) except for the actual
design of the machine.  Can this last step be eliminated by designing
a machine that's less like a sequential computer, and more like a
bunch of functions and events?

What about a graph reducer in hardware?  Or first, a hardware-assisted

[1] http://conal.net/blog/posts/can-functional-programming-be-liberated-from-the-von-neumann-paradigm/
[2] entry://../compsci/20100115-080242