Mon Oct 5 13:14:46 CEST 2009

Constraint cont.

Starting from [1].  What I have now is a specific propagation engine
(the idea is to use real numbers / floats, so sets of integers are
currently not yet supported).  The normalizing should work too.  So
what I need is a specification and propagate the problem description
to a solution.

Let's start with something trivial first:

  (= (+ (* 3 x) (* 2 y)) 10)  ;; define intermediate nodes
  (< (+ x y) 3)               ;; safety constraints

This should lead to the following behaviour: generate code for the
following functions:


This produces directed equations + relevant check of constraints.

So, I have a routine now that produces a list of equalities and
inequalities.  In the first iteration, the equalities need to be
arranged into a matrix.  This means the unknowns need to be
discovered.  If the equation is in normal form, we can simply gather
them from the '*' forms.

Next was sorting terms according to order.

[1] entry://20090924-112337