Tue Jul 21 09:11:58 CEST 2009

back to basics

So what happened?  Things were going great and all of a suddon I get
overly ambitious because I start explaining (I'm looking for clients
atm, and prospects want to know wtf I'm doing), and because I'm
looking for direct application.

I think I have to be honest and re-focus on the small things for the
next sprint.  Forget about C and LLVM.  It's better to solve that
problem when there is an actualy need, as there is plenty of material
and people to get me through it.  I need to stick to the original

      * stick to Forth (small machine) and Scheme (untyped lamda
        calculus) as a _simple_ substrate for the idea (a beefed up
        macro assembler)

      * incorporate abstract interpretation / static analysis /
        verification on top of this.